Our websites are like ships: designed to carry information. But how much time do we spend making sure the crew is well trained?

Now What? Conference is two days of smart talks and workshops from a lineup of experienced web-hands. We’ll help you navigate the high seas of web governance – from writing great copy to tracking content effectiveness – and ensure that you have what you need for smooth sailing.

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Top-Notch Speakers

We strive to bring in the best in the business, and this year we’ve landed a fantastic lineup!

Jonathan Colman


Product UX + content strategy at Facebook

Jonathon isn’t ignoring you, he’s just introverted. Despite this, he’s a Webby Award-winning UX content strategist at Facebook, the social network. That makes him a nerd, but don’t worry—he’s one of the good ones. You can find Jonathon on Facebook and Twitter.

Kevin Hoffman


Founder, Seven Heads Design

Kevin is the author of the forthcoming Rosenfeld Media book, Meeting Design, and he founded Seven Heads Design, a network of highly experienced digital design thinkers who operate independently, but love working together.


Get hands-on with half-day workshops, facilitated by subject experts.

Defining Your Core Content Strategy

Meghan Casey

Content strategy is about providing the right content, to the right people, at the right times, for the right reasons. Yet, we don’t always make smart decisions about what content we produce and why. Ensure you spend your time and money on content efforts that make sense for your organization and your audiences with a core strategy. In this workshop, we’ll walk through a five-step process for defining it. This is truly a workshop, emphasis on work … you’ve been warned.

As the lead content strategists at Brain Traffic, Meghan helps clients across industries solve the messy content problems most organizations encounter every day. Her book The Content Strategy Toolkit: Methods, Guidelines, and Templates for Getting Content Right was published by Peachpit in the summer of 2015.

Smooth Sailing Post-Launch: Managing, Maintaining, and Improving Content

Rebekah Cancino

Redesigning a website with shiny, new content can be hard. Managing, maintaining, and improving the content you’ve got long after launch is even harder. Having a system for understanding performance, ongoing improvement, and metrics to measure can help us keep our content shipshape and seaworthy. In this hands-on workshop we will explore and practice techniques to:

  • Integrate smart measurement and testing into your content strategy that helps you know what’s working and what needs to be improved
  • Develop a plan for content management that addresses how we add, edit, and remove content from our websites
  • Navigate the often tricky waters of getting the buy-in and resources we need to implement changes and make iterative improvements

Rebekah Cancino has spent the last decade helping people develop clear communication and human-centered digital experiences for major brands, universities, healthcare organizations, and everything in between. She’s committed to making cross-discipline collaboration possible, and even co-founded Togetherly—a workshop on collaborative processes for digital workers.

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